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20 Jan
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Technology Integration Equals Efficient Delivery

In 2024, the courier industry is highly developed. The current delivery services are faster, more secure, and more advanced. The reason for the advanced courier services is technology. The technology takes the courier service to the next level. The parcel delivery is nearly impossible without using any technology. 

The advancement in technology of the courier service becomes a necessity to stay on the front line. Especially in New York, everyone wants fast and secure delivery. So, if you want to have the best delivery service then you need to check the technology and features the courier delivery company uses. 

Pudo Fast is a highly advanced courier service in Brooklyn with the latest technology. Pudo Fast uses various technologies and tools for convenient delivery. Let’s check the technologies that make Pudo Fast an accurate delivery service.

Pudo Fast’s Advanced Technology

Delivery App

Online booking for the courier services is only possible with an accurate app. The delivery app needs to have all the necessary features that help customers book, confirm, and track the delivery. 

Pudo Fast provides a smooth-running app, with a proper arrangement and design. We ensure the convenience of the user while booking the service. The app also provides customer support to solve customer’s doubts and explain to them about delivery service.

Pudo Fast App features:

  • Online Booking
  • Inquiry and Support
  • Real-time tracking
  • Customer Reviews and Feedback
  • Multiple Delivery Options  

Route Optimization

Traffic and bad weather are very common in NYC. Heavy traffic makes transportation difficult and that results in delayed delivery. To overcome a traffic problem and find the shortest route, route optimization technology can be the best solution.

Pudo Fast has the best tools for route optimization. This tool tracks the traffic and provides the best route to reach the destination. Pudo Fast manages to deliver on time with route optimization technology.  

Real-time Tracking

The update about the parcel at every stage provides you peace. The tracking of the parcel helps the customers to estimate the delivery time. It ensures customers the safety of the parcel. 

Pudo Fast provides real-time tracking on the delivery app. Also, tracking the parcel provides the updated location of the parcel. So, in case of inconvenience, we can solve the problem of delivery immediately. 

Advanced Vehicles

The delivery service highly relies on the shipment process. The shipment is the stage where there is a high chance of delays. What if the vehicle breaks down during the shipment and it takes a long time to repair? It results in delayed delivery. The shipment becomes accurate with the advanced vehicles. 

Pudo Fast has highly advanced automobiles with the latest technology. This vehicle rarely breaks down, it can withstand the rainy and snowy seasons. The maintenance of the vehicle is also easy and quick. Pudo Fast never disappoints you with the late delivery.

AI Analytics 

AI is transforming the world of the courier industry very fast. AI technology can track the user’s engagement and suggest the best courier services based on their taste.   The AI chatbot can handle the customer support and booking process. It automates the booking and support services.

Pudo Fast has AI analytics technology. AI tracks past delivery services and avails the data for analysis. Pudo Fast observes their past performances and finds errors they made. We upgrade our services by dealing with past mistakes and providing you the efficient delivery. 

Advanced Lockboxes

The important documents of the businesses are always confidential. Business documents contain secret information that can’t be leaked. While sending corporate couriers, confidentiality is always a concern.

Pudo Fast provides secure delivery with advanced password-protected lockboxes. These lock boxes are protected with algorithmic passwords that can’t be hacked. The parcel becomes end-to-end encrypted as the receiver can only open the lockbox with the password. 

With Pudo Fast, you can be worry-free from enemies and blackmailers. Your document can not be tempered or stolen during the delivery. Pudo Fat provides the most secure delivery in Brooklyn. 


The courier delivery is incomplete without technology. The technology makes delivery accurate and convenient. The delivery services are adapting to new technologies and upgrading the existing technologies. 

Pudo Fast provides the most reliable and most advanced delivery services with advanced technology. Technology is transforming the courier industry, and Pudo Fast is leading the transformation with the latest technology. 


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