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04 Jan
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The Secret of Pudo Fast’s Flexible Parcel Pickups

In the courier delivery industry, flexible pickups play a crucial role. The availability of home pickup not only makes customers satisfied but also helps the courier company to start shipping faster. 

The initial step for the delivery service is a pickup. To ensure accurate delivery, one needs to provide accurate pickup. Quick pickup ensures quicker delivery.

Pudo Fast provides flexible pickup in Brooklyn. We are a trusted and reliable courier service that helps you deliver important documents and packages. So, if you are having trouble with home pickups and pickup times, then Pudo Fast can help you. So, without waiting time, let’s explore Pudo Fast’s flexible pickups.   

Flexible Pickup: Pudo Fast Convenience

At Pudo Fast, the pickup is available anytime and anywhere in Brooklyn. So, you can have a home pickup of your courier anywhere in Brooklyn. Pudo Fast provides a diverse range of delivery services and collects the parcel at a scheduled time.

Let’s understand the advanced features and facilities that help Pudo Fast to provide flexible delivery. 

How does Pudo Fast do it well?

  • Extensive location network : While searching for delivery service near me, customers get many options, but do they provide home pickups in your area? In a big city like New York, providing pickup at every corner is very difficult.Pudo Fast covers a diverse range all over Brooklyn. With a strong network, we reach everywhere at any time. Our delivery drivers are fast and accurate, they come up to your location and collect the parcel at a given time.
  • Multiple Pickup Points Per location : The limitations of pickup points or a delivery driver at the delivery services can struggle to handle multiple pickups at a time. The corporate areas always have multiple clients who want to send important documents. Pudo Fast has multiple pickup points, that help Pudo Fast handle the many pickups simultaneously. With trusted delivery drivers and multiple pickup points, we provide accurate pickup that covers many clients.
  • Flexible time : Customers are usually required to send important documents immediately. If the pickup is not available at the given time, you can have trouble sending the parcel at your desired schedule. With the 24/7 pickup service, Pudo Fast gives you the advantage of booking the courier delivery service anytime you want. You can trust Pudo Fast in case of an emergency. You can just book your delivery service without worrying about the pickup time.
  • User-friendly Mobile App : The delivery apps help you book and schedule the pickup. The delivery app should be smooth, accurate, and easy to use. The user-friendly delivery app makes your delivery booking convenient. You can interact with the Pudo Fast customer support team via the Pudo Fast delivery app. Our app allows you to check the availability of the pickup and you can schedule the pickup time with us at your convenience.
  • Secure and Safe Pickups : To maintain the safety of your important documents, Pudo Fast starts with a secured pickup. Our trusted courier drivers pick up the parcel from your doorstep and ensure the safety of the parcel during the pickup. We provide the lockboxes for the packages with advanced password locks. So, you can ensure the confidentiality and safety of the parcel. Also, with real-time tracking you can track the entire journey of your parcel from pickup to shipment and during the last-mile delivery. This ensures that your parcel is moving on the desired path.
  • Customizable pickup preference : Different customers have their priority for courier delivery. Most customers like to customize the packaging and extra instructions while carrying the parcel. Pudo Fast values your expectations and provides complete customization for your convenience. You are free to choose the pickup time and type of packaging for the courier. Also, you can provide the extra instruction for the pickup. Our delivery driver cooperates with you to customize your pickup.


The smooth pickup is a sign of the efficient delivery service. Choose your delivery partner considering an accurate, fast, and secured pickup. Pudo Fast is one of the trusted courier services in Brooklyn that helps you courier important documents. 

Pudo Fast provides efficient home pickup for your courier delivery. So, you don’t need to move from your couch to submit your parcel at the service center, as we provide door-to-door delivery. Have the best pickup and delivery service in Brooklyn with Pudo Fast.


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