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02 Mar
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Conventional delivery and tech-driven delivery practices – An in-depth comparison

Remember the times when Romans and the Greeks delivered couriers through chariots and horses? Even speaking of it leaves an air of enchantment and nostalgia, right? Courier delivery was one of the oldest professions.

It was the time when delivering couriers became a vocation by the Royal courts paid wages. The Overseas Courier Service founded in 1957 was the first delivery service provider that shed light on the entire idea of parcel delivery.

They were also the first delivery business bodies to introduce overnight delivery systems. Back then, they were a boon for time-sensitive business publications.

But imagine, with such a conventional and confined setting, how they managed to offer such a quick and advanced service. If you take an in-depth look into the new-age courier services, the entire systems to algorithms have taken a magnificent leap. Today all you need to know is how to simply write ‘Courier services near me,’ hit that button, connect and you are all set!

Pudofast Courier Deliveries – And its Revolutionizing Ways

The advancements in courier advancements are redefining and reestablishing the art of perfect deliveries. It is revolutionary how more than 9 million individuals solely rely on the logistics industry as their primary source of revenue.

Giant businesses in the United States blow away big money without a second thought for faster product shipping. On the contrary, comparatively smaller companies spend around $1.5 trillion just on logistical expenses. Now if you take a second to calculate, this figure stands proud equal to nearly 8% of the entire GDP of the United States.

Hope you can get a crystal idea of how rapidly and swiftly the courier industry has made its mark among the top developing ventures on a global level. One of the blazing examples of one such inspiring company located in the city of churches is Pudofast. Located in Brooklyn, the thriving venture treasures a significant pool of highly satisfied customers today. 

“Technology makes what was once unthinkable, possible.” – Raise your hands if you agree! Swift tech advances have been constantly setting new boards for the logistics landscape. Even if the traditional systems of courier deliveries are still being utilized in some parts of the world today, the expectations of customers are significantly evolving.

The customer expectation in courier delivery is mainly focused on two factors today: Speed and Safety. Well, you might be wondering why cost is not mentioned here. This is because the maximum among the customer group does not mind spending a few dimes extra if they are getting quality service. To break it down simply, what they want in terms of courier services today is:

  •  Efficient
  •   Fast
  •  Safe
  •  Trackable

Now that you have a distinct idea about the journey of courier services, let us dive into a more specific picture of comparison between the old and the new ways of parcel delivery. Let us take a look.

Cost – Is It Still Really a Concern

What is meant by it is who would mind spending a little more if they are showered with reliable services?

Traditional delivery : Back in the day, most of the tasks were handled manually with a heightened demand for physical labor. Despite the hard work, the manual management of the procedures set a limit to the traditional courier services. Handling high volumes of parcel delivery was not a piece of cake. Due to this many businesses faced scale diseconomies.

Pudofast offers Modern parcel delivery : Batching and chaining technology, route optimization technology, and real-time status updates are the many tools of last-mile delivery software today. These features boost productivity, eliminate any unnecessary idling, and optimize deliveries for cost efficiency.

The Intricate Process of Delivery and Level of Accuracy

Traditional delivery : How many times have you found yourself all muddled up with last-minute calculations at the end of the month? Figuring out how much goes where, if at all utilized along with jotting the exact return can be a daunting task. No question of it, invoices are an integral part of the financial segment of your business.

Today invoices are still maintained through pen and paper in some businesses. Such approaches are confined to human errors and might demand additional customer service efforts.

Pudofast’s Automated Deliveries : Modern courier delivery: The use of online analytics-driven applications and digital dashboards is creating a revolution in cutting down manual errors. Predictive analysis can also aid in enhancing overall business operations and predict future demands.

Flexibility of Supplies

Traditional delivery : Nevertheless, determining fixed manpower is not an easy thing to determine. It even gets challenging to cope when it comes to sudden demands. With manual management, it is not possible to check mark the points for the rising demands.

Modern deliveries with Pudofast : The supply of delivery agents is the most important aspect of courier services. You might require a liaison with many delivery agents at one point in time. Nevertheless, a flexible worker supply can ensure that your business can meet high peak demands for season deliveries.

The Ending Note

If you have been questioning yourself whether you want to switch from traditional to tech-enabled delivery services, the answer is a solid Yes! Believe it or not, a surprisingly growing percentage of small, medium, and large-scale businesses are transforming courier delivery systems with automation and technology today.

Pudofast is known for offering a wide range of delivery services such as Express delivery, Same-day delivery, Lockbox parcel delivery, and more. Innovative security, on-time services, and real-time tracking are some of the top-notch advantages that have helped Pudofast attain a surpassed customer satisfaction rate. Consider your business as the next to reach such heights of success with tech-driven courier practices.


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