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25 Feb
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How Pudofast Stays Ahead of the Curve in Courier Technology

We are a leading delivery business located in Brooklyn that has continued to push the boundaries of courier technology since its start. With a strong emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction, we’ve become known for quick and dependable delivery services. Here, we’ll take a look at all of the many features of our influential courier technology.

Our technology-based approaches define our efficiency. We constantly deliver swiftly and reliably witseveralof new approaches including live tracking, autonomous delivery, and route optimization. 

These technologies help us to stay on top of the ever-changing current clients and reduce our eco-footprint using such tools as route optimization and fuel consumption management.

Pudo Fast : Innovative Integration in Courier Services

GPS Tracking with Pudo Fast application

The GPS monitoring software conveys messages automatically to the company and client whenever a delivery truck enters or leaves the geofenced area, thus informing them of the real-time status of the delivery. We achieve multi-faceted delivery route optimization, reduced delivery times as well as improved customer service with the help of geofencing.

With GPS trackers mounted in each vehicle unit, you will be able to track the vehicle information and also monitor their behavior. Our company can track your vehicle’s routes, and the mileage covered, adjusting whether the deliveries have been done according to the plan and also within the required time.

Automated dispatch

Besides, another advantage of our intelligent delivery services goes with it. Through the technical approach, each order is automatically routed to the immediate driver and this is to optimize efficiency and to reduce the waiting time. It is the way we support minimizing the carbon emission kind of delivery fleet.

Our customers will also benefit from the route optimization.

One more technique where we may use the technology is route optimization for our delivery services. Takes into account the road closures, traffic flow, and actual outdoor temperature while running the program which determines the best route for each driver. Thus, our driver-cantos deliver more in less time which in term benefits even the company and clients it serves.

Smart Applications for Seamless Delivery

We introduce an innovative solution joining forward the cutting edge technologies of the hardware and introducing our smart app the UI of which is made comprehensible for the drivers. 

Besides that, this technology also extremely successfully set one more very strong weapon on its side, the smartphone app, which is now the most important tool that is being used by the end-users to track their order, to connect directly to their drivers and also get the real-time update of their order status.

We partner with a group of experts who have years of experience. Therefore, they possess the needed skills and they are dedicated to working with the customers irrespective of the size of the project or its complexity.   

High Customer Retention Rate: Exceeding Our Customers’ Expectations

We have a high client retention rate, showing our maintained commitment to superior customer service. Clients continue to entrust us to fulfill their shipping needs because our customers know we will deliver what they ordered on time and securely without compromising their needs. 

We acknowledge that each consumer has unique objectives and preferences, therefore we strive to deliver individualized experiences that meet their needs.

Understanding our customer’s challenges and goals helps us to provide unique solutions that produce the best possible outcomes.  

In addition, we consistently engage in research and development projects to keep up with the newest advances in our courier services.  Providing new solutions that improve the shipping process and promote growth for our customers. 

We are committed to constant development by advancing our research and development in an increasingly dynamic economy. 

Delivery services 

We prioritize open and honest contact with our clients throughout the delivery process. Our staff members are easily accessible via phone, email, and our user-friendly mobile app, allowing clients to follow their shipments in real time and handle any difficulties quickly. 

In the end, the support we give our clients is what we prioritize and it is not all about us, the relationship is two-sided, we see our clients as business partners while we work together for mutual growth and achievement.


We continue to set the standard for the courier business with our user-friendly smart device applications, and great service. We continue to set the standard for quicker, smarter, and greener delivery services by remaining on top of innovation and investing extensively in R&D for the betterment of saving time and swift services for all types of customers such as doctors for delivering important documents or e-commerce services for huge packages.

We are a real courier technology leader and the preferred partner for businesses seeking a dependable partner to move their products safely and effectively. 


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