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23 Feb
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A simple guide for our beloved customers.

Many online businesses don’t succeed because they don’t have good delivery services. When packages arrive late, customers feel let down and lose trust in the company. 

To build a good reputation, it’s important to deliver parcels quickly and reliably. If you run a delivery business in Brooklyn or need a reliable partner, consider PudoFast Pudo Shipping.

PudoFast is a local courier service in Brooklyn. With them, you can get smart, fast, and secure parcel delivery.

Our specific services:

Refined Lockbox

Keep your deliveries safe with our new Refined Lockbox. It’s super secure and easy to use. You get a special code for each delivery, so no one can get in your box. And the code changes every time you get a delivery, so it’s super safe.

Our lockbox is made with your safety in mind. Never worry about someone stealing your packages. Our lockbox is way safer than regular delivery methods.

You can control your lockbox from anywhere with our wireless remote access. It’s so convenient! Wherever you are, our packages are always safe.

Plus, our lockbox has a cool feature: a special code that only works once. This means each delivery gets its unique code, and it expires after you use it. So, no one can sneak in and take your stuff.

Choose Refined Lockbox for the best security, convenience, and peace of mind for all your deliveries.

Flexible Pickup

Our Flexible Pickup service lets you decide when to get your stuff. Whether you want it at a specific time or right away, our Pudo drivers will come get it. Count on us for reliable service.

We feel you. We know life can be busy. This is why we offer two options: 

  •  scheduled and
  • on-demand. 

Whether you’re planning or need something picked up now, our drivers are here for you.

Forget waiting around for pickups. With our Flexible Pickup, you choose the time that suits you best. No matter where you are or when you need it, our Pudo drivers are here to help. Experience the convenience of Flexible Pickup and get your items collected without any hassle.

Varied Item Handling

We’re pros at handling all things delivery. Whether it’s: 

  • Important papers, 
  • Delicate packages, or, 
  •  Medicine, 

We’ve got your back. 

Our drivers are reliable and will make sure your stuff gets where it needs to go safely and on time.

We know that each item is special. We understand that each item needs special care. That’s why we give personalized service to make sure your packages are handled just right. From Fragile packages to important documents, our drivers can handle whatever you need.

Relax knowing that we take care of all your deliveries, from start to finish. Our drivers work hard to make sure your deliveries are safe and on time, so you can relax knowing everything will arrive okay.

Whether you’re sending important papers, valuable stuff, or medicine, we’ll make sure it gets there fast and safe. Give us a shot and see how easy it is to get your stuff delivered without any trouble.

Real-Time Tracking:

Our real-time tracking system lets you locate your deliveries. It tells you where your package is and when it will arrive. You won’t have to worry about when it’s coming anymore – our tracking system lets you see its journey and when it’ll be delivered.

Our simple system lets you check your delivery using your phone or computer. You can feel at ease knowing your package is on its way and track its journey.

With our cool tracking system, you’ll always know where your delivery is and when it’s coming. No more guesswork our amazing tracking tech makes deliveries super simple!


In our search for delivery services, we’ve looked at different choices and given advice to help you figure out exactly what you need. Whether you’re thinking about courier companies, delivery apps, or traditional services, taking time to check out what type of delivery you need lets you see what your actual requirements might be.

When choosing a delivery type, consider factors such as their speed, accuracy, cost, customer service quality, and the technology they use. Considering these aspects enables you to make a wise decision that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Selecting the appropriate delivery is significant. It’s essential to ensure you receive quality service at a reasonable cost. Opting for the right provider ensures smooth and dependable deliveries that meet your requirements. Whether your priority is speedy delivery, package tracking, fair pricing, responsive customer support, or advanced technology, there’s a delivery provider suited to your needs.

Therefore, the key is to identify your requirements, explore available choices, and select the most suitable option. By choosing the right delivery provider, you can ensure that your deliveries meet your expectations, enhancing your overall delivery experience.


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