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26 Jan
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Ensuring Safety : Pudofast’s Delivery Protocols during the Pandemic

Guess a word that has been used so much in the last 2 years. It must be COVID-19. 

The unexpected wave of COVID-19 has its impact. Every industry encountered the aftermath effects of COVID-19. So why not the delivery industry?  

In this article, you will learn about the pandemic landscape and how the existence of the pandemic reshaped the courier industry. 

Understanding the Pandemic Landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unwanted surprise for everyone in the world. At the beginning of COVID-19, seamless delivery was not possible. People struggled to send parcels from one place to another. 

This was the same in the case of courier services. The challenges of COVID-19 were unseen for every delivery service.

Delivery services always prioritized speed and efficiency. In the walk of COVID-19, delivery services needed to prioritize safety.h

 Needless to say, delivering a package in a time of lockdown, social distancing, and health concerns was a tough nut to crack. The traditional parcel delivery method wasn’t able to adopt the new norms of COVID-19.

The Need for Safety Measures

When the pandemic exploded, the challenge of getting a reliable delivery service was more complicated than ever before. Both the customer and the delivery individual needed safety measures when the virus could easily spread through human contact.

When every delivery services was suffering in the wake of COVID-19, Pudo Fast focused on alternative solutions to overcome the struggles. Pudo Fast rethought their strategies to match the new norms.

Safety Measures of Pudo Fast During COVID-19

New Technologies

The automation we enjoyed then was accelerated by COVID-19. When mankind was suffering because of COVID-19, technology supported the most. With the use of technology, people could book their parcels at their convenience. 

Customers could track their parcels without going anywhere. Technology made everything simple. Customers could book their parcel and receive it without going anywhere. 

Pudo Fast integrated technology well to provide seamless delivery even in COVID-19. Pudo Fast is not only the fastest delivery service but also a reliable one. 

Collaboration with Supply Chain

Another significant challenge was dealing with supply chain management. Pudo Fast worked closely with supply chain partners. Pudo Fast always ensured that parcels were delivered in pristine condition.

Enhancing Customer Service

Every delivery service suffered to maintain customer service during COVID-19. The integration of technology-enhanced customer service.

Completely Sanitized Delivery

In the time of COVID-19, speed and efficiency took the back seat. Safety came before anything. So every customer needed sanitized delivery. Pudofast offered sanitized delivery every time. The parcel you shipped didn’t have any virus on it, as Pudo Fast.

Steps Pudo Fast Took

  1. Drivers wore masks and gloves.
  2. Vehicles were sanitized every time after they were used.
  3. Parcels were sanitized.
  4. Drivers wore PPE kits.
  5. Drivers wore glass shields.
  6. Social distancing was followed.
  7. Routine medical checkup.
  8. Drivers of Pudo Fast were asked to undergo the COVID test. Drivers of Pudo Fast checked their temperature every day.

Contact-less Delivery

Contactless delivery reduces the risk of virus transmission in the delivery service. With contactless delivery, there was no trace of physical interaction. For example, a business professional received his parcel without any handshake or virus. Through contactless delivery, a customer can receive the parcel without any physical touch.

Trained Employee

The whole world was not prepared for the pandemic. When the pandemic arose, Pudo Fast had a solution to offer seamless delivery. Pudo Fast trained its drivers to deliver parcels without spreading the virus.

 Pudo Fast had the right set of information to protect their workers from the cruel virus corona. Pudo Fast implemented many protocols to ensure the safety of the customer. 

For example, a business individual needed to send a confidential document at the time of COVID-19. In such times, the delivery protocols of Pudo Fast came to the rescue.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the delivery industry. Delivery services prioritize speed and efficiency, but safety measures were necessary during the pandemic. 

Pudo Fast implemented many protocols to ensure the safety of customers and delivery individuals. They integrated new technologies, worked closely with supply chain partners, and trained their drivers to deliver parcels without spreading the virus. 

Google delivery service near me, and choose Pudo Fast to all your deliveries. 

In the time of COVID-19, everyone was focusing on the problems. But pudo come up with the solution to those problems.

Pudo Fast revolutionized the way you send your parcel and documents.  


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