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03 Jan
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Why Pudofast’s lockbox system is the future of secure package deliveries

In today’s ever-evolving market, the need for secure delivery services has become more crucial than ever. Imagine this: your confidential document or your precious belongings is on the way. 

However, the anxiety kicks in as you wonder whether it will arrive on time. This scenario reflects the growing concern among consumers for the safety of their valuable items during transit. The demography of the city of the Big Apple is complex to understand. 

This made the need for efficient delivery to go to new heights.  In this article, we will delve deep into the innovative solution of Pudo Fast to growing security concerns.

The need for secure delivery 

The need for secure delivery services arises from the desire for peace of mind among consumers. People want assurance that their packages will arrive securely, free from damage or theft.

In NYC More than 2.4 million packages are delivered across the five boroughs each weekday. 

The risk of accidental damage during transit is always high. Your valuable belongings and confidential documents need special care.

Your delicate and confidential parcels may face a bumpy ride if you choose the wrong delivery partner. A delivery partner should have the balance of timely delivery and secured delivery all the time. 

This is a significant challenge when it comes to delivering the parcel. This increased the call for innovative solutions to address as the challenges become more pressing. 

This is where services like Pudo Fast step in, offering advanced security features to redefine the safety standards of the delivery experience.

Innovative lock box

The increasing crises of secure delivery make the way to the solution. Pudo Fast came up with an innovative solution for all security concerns. 

Security is paramount when it comes to confidential and valuable items. Pudo Fast knows this well so come up with the lock box technology. Pudo Fast offers secure delivery with their new redefined lock box system. 

Your parcels need special care. This redefined lockbox system offers you a lockbox that can be only opened by a password. With this, your parcel will be untouched. So your security concerns won’t be a problem for you anymore. 

There are different sizes of lockboxes available in Pudo Fast. You can choose the lockbox size according to your parcel size. 

It can be a confidential document, a delicate possession, or a valuable belonging. Your parcel is all safe in the hands of Pudo Fast. 

Setting and managing lockbox codes

The redefined lockbox system will vanish all your security-related concerns. The code of the lock box will be shared only with the receipt and the sender. So your parcel will be out of any danger with this new system. 

For example, imagine sending a too expensive or confidential possession from one place to another place. Will you be peaceful after sending the courier? Your mind is scared about the damage. But that doesn’t happen with Pudo Fast. 

Pudo Fast lock box parcels can’t be opened without the required parcel. So your parcel will be unharmed and safe. With Pudo Fast you are not paying merely for the delivery but for the peace of mind. We assure you that  parcel delivery at all times. 

Benefits of Pudo Fast’s secure courier delivery service 

Benefits are abundant to using Pudo Fast secure delivery. Here are a few benefits of choosing Pudo Fast’s redefined lock box system. 

  • Perfect for valuable belongings : Your valuable belongings can’t be unsafe any more. With this lock box, your precious things are completely in safe hands. Pudo Fast shows the care that you expect.  
  • Fits for Confidential properties : Choosing an amateur courier service may result in you leaking your confidential information. This will result in a huge loss. But with Pudo Fast, you can easily avoid it. Your information strictly be safe as your products are unharmed. Not only your information but also your trust. 
  •  Assures unharmed : With this lock box system, your products will reach their destination the same way you send the parcel. Your parcel will be super safe with Pudo Fast. 
  • Convenience at the fingertip : An uncompromisable feature for all New Yorkers is convenience. So Pudo Fast incorporated convenience with confidentiality. You can experience both in one place. Book your express delivery with the Pudo Fast app at your convenience. 


Are you a New Yorker? Looking for a perfect parcel delivery service for you? Search no more. Pudo Fast is the go-to solution for all your security concerns. Search courier services near me and choose Pudo Fast for all your parcel deliveries. 


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